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Let’s say you are designing a print ad, and you know you want to use a Blackletter typeface. Can you tell the difference between those that read “medieval calligraphy,” those that scream “Germany,” and those that imply “Nazi”?

Or, you are naming a product. A phrase pops into your head that seems like just the thing. Do you know where it comes from, where it was first used, and what connotation it will convey to your audience?

Or, you are constructing a marketing campaign, and you want to hop on the the trend toward nostalgia. Can you make design and marketing choices that are true to the period you are referencing? Do you know when to break the mold and when to follow it?

Today, it is more important than ever to consider the implications of our design and marketing choices. To help, Hilltop Communications now offers “Ask a Historian.” The process is simple:

  1. You submit a design, a product naming project, or an entire campaign.
  2. Hilltop Communications quotes you a price based on estimated research and reporting times. You have no obligation to move forward.
  3. If you do contract with us, we will review your project and return a one- to two-page report placing your choices in historical context. We will point out any potential problems while they are still easy to correct.

It’s that simple. Contact us today at

Note: This service is not available to students completing projects at any level of study. Please be honest with us when you contact us. If you are a student, you may qualify for tutoring in some limited contexts.