Higher education is facing a number of important challenges.  Gainful employment reporting, increasing costs, demonstrating value to students and families, and developing curriculum that is both current and that builds skills for the long haul are all critical to the success of colleges and universities.

Hilltop Communications can help you face these challenges, allowing you to move confidently forward as you focus on serving students and families.  I bring over two decades of experience studying, working in, and writing about higher education in its various forms to my work as a higher education consultant.  Whether your institution or program is public, private, or for-profit; career school, community college, undergraduate, or graduate, Hilltop Communications can give you the perspective you need to make strategic decisions about your future.

Hilltop Communications focuses on consulting for:

  • program development
  • curriculum development
  • strategic planning
  • faculty training and development
  • creation of marketing material

Let us customize a solution for your institution that combines analysis of current activities with recommendations for future growth.  I look forward to hearing from you at lorenzetti[dot]jennifer[at]hilltopcommunications[dot]net.

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