Tickets To Paradise: A History of Key West Travel and Its Advertising, 1912-1975

Drive south on Interstate 75, and you know within seconds of entering Florida that this state is serious about its tourism. No opportunity to advertise to Florida’s visitors is missed. Floridians market to state outsiders like their lives depend on it. This is especially true today of Key West, the island at the southernmost tip of the United States that many know as “Margaritaville.” But the island’s history of attracting travelers goes so much deeper than a souvenir t-shirt and participation in an alcohol-laden “Duval Crawl.” From the day the railroad first reached the island, Key West has used its advertising to attract business people and families, tourists and transplants. It has struggled with the conflict between preserving its historic culture and making a destination attractive to the most transient visitors. Along the way, it has created unique advertising to showcase the beauty and charm of the island. Filled with examples of advertising through the ages, this overview of more than half a century of Key West travel will be equally informative for the historian and for the visitor to Key West who wants to learn more about this magical island. 99 pages (Hilltop Communications, 2017 ) $20 plus $3.50 S/H



Fast, Cheap, and Good: Sustainability, One Choice at a Time

Sustainability is a philosophy, a practice, and a way of life. Sustainable living is the practice of using resources in a way that they will last for your lifetime and beyond. When you live sustainably, you maximize the impact of your time and money while taking care of your health, your finances, and your environment. This book is a collection of columns from the popular blog, “Fast, Cheap, and Good.” With projects ranging from gardening to cooking to fiber arts and household hints, each idea will inspire you to use your resources more frugally and to live a life that is more sustainable, one choice at a time. 173 pp. (Hilltop Communications, 2015) $10 plus $3.50 S/H



Lecture is Not Dead: Ten Tips for Delivering Dynamic Lectures in the College Classroom

The lecture as a teaching tool has worked for centuries because, at heart, it is about human interaction, the most powerful, attention-grabbing tool for interaction at anyone's disposal.  The presence of a live, active, engaged human being who is an expert in his or her field will do more to ignite the passions of a group of students than will any canned multimedia presentation.  This book will show you how to infuse passion and interest into your lectures and keep your students awake and engaged. 24 pages (Hilltop Communications, 2014) $5 plus $3.50 S/H



The Care and Motivation of the Adjunct Professor

Look around your institution, and you are likely to see a world populated with adjuncts. Adjunct professors are becoming the backbone of the American university. But being an adjunct can be something of a death by a thousand paper cuts if not handled well by academic leadership. The good news is, you, as an academic leader, can address some of the problems associated with working as an adjunct. While some issues - like pay - may be out of your control, you can address some of the smaller realities that characterize the adjunct professor's life. By understanding what it means to be an adjunct, you can motivate these critical employees on which your university increasingly depends. 29 pages (Hilltop Communications 2016) $5 plus $3.50 S/H




Shops that Pop! 7 Steps to Extraordinary Retail Success

Small is the next BIG story at retail; small, as in local independent retailers. Learn how to tap this emerging retailing trend, fueled by the desire of the highest-potential and highest-spending customers' passion for a new shopping experience that they can't find at the mall, in the national chains or in big box stores. This trend will reshape the retail landscape over the next decade. The Midwest Book Review says Shops that Pop! is "very highly recommended for both community and academic library Business Management instructional reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists."  This book would make a great adoption for your marketing, retailing, or business classes at colleges and universities. 194 pages (Paramount Market Publishing, 2017) $15 plus $3.50 S/H