The heart of Hilltop Communications is writing, and we specialize in making complex subjects accessible for a wide range of readers.  Whether it is an event script, a marketing piece, a journalistic article, or a complex industry analysis document, we can tailor our efforts to your needs.  Some of our most-requested vertical industries include:

Higher Education:  Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience as a higher education professional and analyst, I can serve as both subject matter expert and writer on a wide range of project types, from journalistic articles to white papers to marketing materials.

Medical:  Let me help you make the complex accessible while creating patient-facing documents for you or your client, or bring me in to work with your subject matter expert on training materials, continuing education curricula, or briefings for medical professionals.  I am comfortable with a range of medical specialties.

Sustainable Living:  One of my true passions, I blog about sustainable living issues at my blog, Fast, Cheap, and Good.  I love sharing my expertise about ways we can all live more independently.

Marketing Communications:  Whether you need a press release, a brochure, or a complete policy and procedure manual, I can help create the documents that make your business function.  Contact me to discuss scope of work and to get a quote for your project.

Contact me today to see how Hilltop Communications can help your business communicate better!

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